Is your home secure against burglary?


No one welcomes the feeling of knowing you personal belongings have been ransacked and rummaged through. And many times items that have are irreplaceable. If you wish to keep your house secure, (and keep your insurance premiums low) here are some basic, yet helpful ways you can protect your home and belongings from theft or vandalism.

  • Invest in simple home security devices like padlocks, proper locks for your doors and windows. Bolts and bars are also good choices to slow a thief down.
  • Arm yourself with technology. A good security alarm and security cameras are great ways to deter unwanted snoops. The alarm not only can notify authorities that there’s a break in, but also it could scare a thief away. Security cameras allow you to keep a watchful eye on your property, while also being able to identify suspects if a break in does occur.
  • Trim your trees around your house. You may be  giving up a bit of privacy, but you are cutting back on the amount of cover accessible to burglars.
  • Don’t display your most precious possessions. Consider keeping your prized items out of view of windows and glass doors. Prying eyes like to survey the area, don’t give away where you are keeping the goods!
  • Your entry points should be strong to ward off any criminals. Doors should be strong, built from metal or solid hardwood. Suggested thickness is at least one-and-three-quarters thick. A good lock is nothing without a strong door.
  • Speaking of locks, deadbolt locks are the best. Ask your hardware professional to recommend a trusted brand that is pick-resistant.

It is also a good idea to create and maintain some home security habits of your own. For instance, establish a routine of going around and making sure doors and windows are locked and your alarm system is set. Avoid telling people on your social media your plans to leave your home. Don’t hide keys in “secret” places on the outside of your home – thieves are smart and they know where to look.

When you do have to leave your home unattended for a trip, ask a neighbor to check in on things. Stop newspaper deliveries so the unread papers don’t pile up in the driveway, signaling that you are not there to get them. Use automatic timers to turn lights, radio, or TV on in various parts of the house. These measures will help give the appearance that someone is home, which is a big turn off for burglars

Check with your insurance company to see what discounts they offer for having qualifying security devices in your home. This could lower your premiums and make you safe all in one go!

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